Police checkpoint: Legal or illegal


THE behaviour of certain police officers at the Asaro police station is suspicious when it comes to the timing of their roadblocks and what is done at that time.
I’m not sure if they are getting orders from the top.
The roadblocks is set up between 2am and 6am and I notice that
they are targeting the early
bird buses travelling up the Highlands Highway from Madang and Lae.
They set their checkpoint around the Asaro valley area and charge the bus drivers and their crew fees to pass.
What is more disturbing is that most times they are under the influence of alcohol.
I wonder if the fees being collected are being passed on to the police revenue department.
Most of the officers involved
are auxiliary or village police officers.
They are not trained to set up checkpoints and check vehicles for their roadworthiness or those breaking traffic rules.
These so-called officers are not even trained to handle any form of firearm.
I am calling on the station commander and provincial police commander to look into this matter and discipline the officers involved.

Mudman Sniper  

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