Police, CS carry out awareness in schools


A TEAM of police and Correctional Services officers in Lae has been visiting schools in the city to carry out awareness on social issues faced by children.
So far, the team have visited 10 schools and spoke to students, teachers and parents regarding the Lukautim Pikinini Act, Juvenile Justice Act and Family Protection Act.
The team, led by Senior Sergeant Alois Gabour, the officer in charge of the city’s community policing, consisted of officers from the drug squad, sexual offences unit and Correctional Services.
Gabour highlighted the importance of the Lukautim Pikinini Act to protect children’s right.
Corporal Carmel Chandrol from Buimo Prison shared the plight juveniles faced during detention and warned students to avoid getting involved in criminal activities.
She told them that many children were committing crimes usually done by adults.
“Do not imitate adults and do not follow big boys around and get involved in an illegal activity because you will go to prison and the prison is not a place for children,” Chandrol said.
The team also advised students to avoid drugs, homebrew and sexual violence
The awareness will end this month.

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