Police to deal with overloading public motor vehicles in Mendi


POLICE will crack down on public motor vehicles overloading passengers and cargo which are causing road accidents in Southern Highlands.
Assistant Police Commissioner (Highlands divisional command eastern end) Chief Supt Kaiglo Ambane ordered police officers to arrest those who continued to violate the traffic law as regards overloading.
“It is an eye-sore to see people hanging like flying foxes on PMVs that are already packed with people, and drivers and crews continue to entertain them,” he said.
“We are not flying foxes, we are people and must learn to obey the traffic laws for our own safety.”
He said overloading was an offence under the traffic law but people continued to breach it. He raised concern about the many illegal liquor outlets operating in the province despite the liquor ban imposed.
Ambane said police must crack down on the illegal liquor outlets.
“These illegal liquor operators cannot continue to operate and we must make sure their illegal fast money-making business is put to an end,” he said.
He said the 2017 general election was few months away and alcohol would cause many problems.

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