Police destroy makeshift houses in settlement

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POLICE destroyed and burnt makeshift houses along the 2-Mile hill settlement after a man was robbed while waiting to be picked up for work at a bus stop.
National Capital District Met Supt Perou N’dranou told The National that according to the police report, at around 4am to 5am on Wednesday a man from Eastern Highlands living at 2-Mile was waiting for his pick up bus at 2-Mile bus stop when a group of youths from Goilala attacked him and took his belongings.
An argument erupted between two clans from Goilala after it was found that the victim was married to a Goilala woman.
“A fight broke out between Eastern Highlands and Goilala but it was quickly controlled after police was alerted,” Met Supt N’dranou said.
He said after the tension eased, a mobile unit removed all the makeshift houses and burned them on the roadside.
The houses were used by youths for drinking and drugs.
Zone three commander Insp Fred Tundu said police would continue to monitor settlements and suburb areas where illegal sale of alcohol was taking place.
Random checks on trade stores and canteens would continue.
“Our police response unit is targeting less than five minutes to attend to crime scenes,” Tundu said.


  • Goilala people are a nuisance around Badili and Koki areas. They are still primitives living in Port Moresby damp areas.

  • Just remove all Goipex makeshift houses at 2 mile and badili, wasting their time living around the dump areas instead making good thing in the village. Those makeshift houses made with boxes and plastics, especially for Gois so police must burn them where they see.
    Those are primitive sense people

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