Police directed to arrest man for allegedly accepting bribe


WEST New Britain police commander Supt Jim Namora says locals collaborating with foreigners in illegal business activities for personal benefit and self-interest should be prepared to face the law.
He said they should re-examine themselves when it came to loyalty.
Namora had directed his investigators to  arrest and charge a local West New Britain man for allegedly accepting bribe from foreigners in Kimbe to recommend their beche-de-mer licence from the National Fisheries Authority.  This is despite that certain criteria and conditions were not met by the applicants.
Namora said according to bank statements obtained by police investigators in Kimbe, it was discovered that K16,000 was allegedly deposited into the bank account of fisheries officer Hillary Kasal on separate occasions between Feb 27 and April 19.
Kasal, of Silanga village, Central, was charged with seven counts of accepting bribe, one count of abuse of office and one count for official corruption.

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