Police don’t seem to have any plans, guides or goals


IT’S obvious that whenever there is increase in law and order situations in our towns and cities, you tend to hear often about special operations being conducted by police and once everything returns to normalcy, all these operations cease.
These shows that the police hierarchy does not have any strategic plan in place and only reacts when law and order situations arise.
If the department is serious about eradicating all crimes and law and order situation, then start putting up an effective strategic plan with a vision.
From what I see today, the entire department is working without a plan or road map and vision that can guide and provide directions to it.
It seems that everyone in the force from the police commissioner down does not know where the force is  heading to.
If you don’t know what your target is and how you are going to get there, than how will you fight law and order in PNG?
Stop reacting to crimes in Lae and Port Moresby and be proactive.

Gai Mole,
Port Moresby

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