More police, fire stations vital


EXPANDING cities like Port Moresby and Lae need police and fire stations in the new areas of development outside the city centres in Papua New Guinea, says Deputy Chief Fire officer Bill Roo.
He said such services must go in line with the development of cities.
Roo told The National yesterday that Port Moresby and Lae were expanding and drawing many people into them and with this growth there was need for fire and police stations and ambulance posts to be established in other centres to serve people outside city boundaries.
“The stations in the city cannot serve the people living outside the city boundaries in the case of fire services.
“We need water to put out fires,” he said.
Roo said the expansion of cities was one factor contributing to slowness in attending to emergency calls.
“There are many vehicles in the city.
“When we attend to emergency calls we get stuck in the traffic causing us to be late in putting out fires,” he said. “Lae city has one fire station that looks after the whole city.
“And it is hard for them to attend to two fires at different locations.”
He urged the Government to ensure proper planning to provide better services.

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