Police investigate alleged rape


EAST Sepik police are investigating the alleged rape of a girl by two Grade seven students in Yangoru which sparked retaliation that left 70 families homeless.
Police commander Peter Philip said more than 50 homes in two villages in Yangoru-Saussia district were burnt down on Nov 2 following the rape incident.
He said the incident happened after two students at Kusambuk Primary School, who were from Kinienieng and Sufonduo villages, attacked the girl on their way from school.
Philip said after the family of the victim reported the matter to the police, they mobilised and destroyed the two villages on the next day.
It is alleged that the boys were heading home from with the girl and about 5km away from the school, they raped her. She was rescued by a village councillor of the nearby village.
Philip said the girl was taken to Boram Hospital and a medical report confirmed that she had been raped.
He said the two male students were apprehended and charged for rape and held in custody. They appeared in Wewak Juvenile Court last Wednesday and will appear again for mention at a later date.
Philips said the entire Kinienieng village was burnt down and families lost homes worth K749, 985. Sufonduo villagers lost around K94,000 worth of properties.
He said most of the property destroyed were permanent homes.
Philip said police have not arrested any suspect in relation to the arson but were still investigating the rape and the fighting.

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