Police investigating man’s death


By Alphonse Porau
POLICE in Kiunga are investigating the death of a man from Wanga village in Lake Murray, Western.
Police station commander Inspector Anthony Toroipo told The National that Terence Woko died last week.
Toroipo said it was alleged that Woko died in a fight in the village over a girl.
“From the reports we received, there was a fight among the villagers last Thursday around 8pm in which Woko got stabbed and died instantly.”
The matter was reported to the police station in Kiunga yesterday.
Officers will be sent to Wanga village in the Middle Fly district to investigate.
Toroipo said the main suspect was known to the police and had travelled to Port Moresby.
“We have a suspect who is a prominent leader. I am sure he will turn himself in because he is known to us.”

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