Police nab escapees


TWO escapees who were part of a large group of inmates who broke out from Buimo prison in January were nabbed by Lae police last week.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie confirmed that the two were arrested on different occasions.
“Samuel Ben, 17 and of a mixed Chimbu and Morobe parentage, was captured by a taskforce unit while he was tampering with a vehicle,” a police report said.
“He was detained at the Lae police cells when police investigators identified him as one of the escapees from Buimo CS,” Wagambie said.
He said the other suspect, Richard Anton, who is also known by his street name ‘Texas,’ is 24 and of mixed Mekeo (Central) and Salamaua (Morobe) parentage.
He said ‘Texas’ was spotted by criminal investigation officers at East Taraka and he tried to escape from them.
“This suspect has been (allegedly) involved in a number of robberies, including the robbery of the main market administration office and the stealing of a 75 horsepower boat engine belonging to the Huon Gulf district administration department,” he said.
“The suspect confessed to taking part in the robbery and stealing.”
Wagambie appealed to the public to provide information to help police capture the escapees.

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