Police need funds to probe deaths of girl, baby


WEST Sepik police commander Robert Gesa said they needed funds to travel to Bewani to investigate the deaths of a baby and a schoolgirl in 2014.
Gesa said a combined police and medical team needed funds to travel to the remote Katai area to exhume a baby that was buried alive and a school girl who was allegedly killed by her brother.
“We are hoping that the Vanimo-Green district administration will provide funds.” Gesa said that detectives and a medical doctor were already prepared to be deployed to Kasai to investigate the deaths.
“These incidents were reported to the police last month by the Catholic education agency. Although these incidents happened two years ago, we will still investigate and bring the suspects to justice.”
Gesa said that because of the remoteness of the area, the incidents were not reported earlier.
“The headmaster of a school in Katai had written a letter and reported these incidents to the Catholic education agency in Vanimo. The letter was then passed to us. The suspects and the deceased were students at the headmaster’s top-up primary school.”
Gesa said that they would exhume the infant that was buried alive by the mother.
“The mother was only in Grade 5 when she bore a child. However, the father of that teenaged mother was unhappy and ordered her to bury that child. So the daughter wrapped up the baby in a blanket and buried it alive.”
Gesa also said that they would exhume the body of a Grade 5 girl who was allegedly killed by her brother following an argument.
“She and brother were also in Grade 5 when he allegedly killed her. The brother is now in Grade 7 at that same school,” Gesa said.

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