Police need housing


POLICE in Aitape district, West Sepik, lacks accommodation and equipment for their work, says police station commander Senior Sergeant Jacob Ramuai.
Ramuai said not too many police officers wanted to be based there because of this reasons.
The same problem is experienced in Lumi.
“We should have 50 policemen but currently we have only 11, and most of them are old,” he said.
“We need young blood. We want new recruits from the police college (Bomana) to come and take up posts in Aitape.
“However, no one wants to come because we don’t have enough housing for our policemen.
“We have no guns, no vehicles and we lack other logistics needed for us to do police patrols and operations in Aitape and Lumi.”
Ramuai thanked the police headquarters in Port Moresby for sending a mobile squad to assist Aitape police in their operations.
He said it had helped police operations in the area since January last year.
“Without policing, development will be disrupted,” he said.
Ramuai said the holding cells at the Aitape police station was recently condemned by the district health inspectors. They have been declared unfit to be used due to health reasons.
“We cannot keep perpetrators or lock them here for more than a day. So we only lock up those waiting for their court cases at the district court,” he said.

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