Police not responsible to settle land issues


POLICE are not responsible for dealing with land issues, says Central acting commander Andrew Tovere.
He told the villagers of Gabagaba and Ginigolo of Rigo last Friday when addressing them to settle a clash over boundaries.
“There are responsible departments available to deal with such issues, like the land mediators,” Tovere said.
Villagers started fighting last Wednesday over a disputed piece of land located between their boundaries.
The Gabagaba villagers were accused of damaging properties belonging to the Ginigolo people who were on a piece of land beside the sea.
It is alleged that the Ginigolos retaliated because of the damage caused to their properties.
According to police, damage was done to some properties and there were minor injuries in both parties.
Tovere told the villages that they were only responsible for keeping the peace in the community.
“We are here as neutral people to provide peace and assist you in sorting out the issue and not to arrest you,” he told the people.
He urged them to consult their village leaders and discuss ways of sorting out their issues in a peaceful manner.
“Let’s not fight ourselves like this because we have only one life and what happens if you lose it now,” Tovere said.
Apolice unit from the Central headquarters and special service division from the McGregor Barracks managed to disperse the angry villages from both parties.
Tovere told all of them to lay down their weapons and let the law assist them.
Both the villages and the police met at Kwikila and discussed ways to resolve the issue.
Meanwhile, Central administrator Gei Raga declared a liquor ban on communities around the area where the incident happened.
Tovere said that the main cause of many crimes in Central resulted from alcohol-related social issues.

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