Police officer charged with human trafficking to face trial


A police officer charged with human trafficking has been committed to stand trial at Kundiawa National Court in the Chimbu, magistrate John Usik said yesterday.
Detective Sergeant Timothy Simbia, 43, from Sangriman village in Angoram District, East Sepik, was committed last month by the district court for allegedly being involved in  luring  10 girls and two boys from  Boera and Lealea villages in Central in June 2015. The victims were taken to Chimbu and held against their will at the Wagi Hideaway Lodge.
The owner of the lodge, William Gare, has already been committed to stand trial at the Waigani National Court.  He was charged with one count of human trafficking, one count of sexual penetration and one count of deprivation of liberty.
Police alleged that victims were recruited to perform the hula-hula dance at the opening of the guest house.
Parents of the victims were told that they would be kept for two weeks.
After the opening, the girls were allegedly threatened with a pistol and used as sex slaves to lure customers.
One of the girls was allegedly raped.

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