Police officials visit school, encourage students to join


STUDENTS of Kwikila Secondary School in Rigo, Central, were the first to learn about the pre-requisites for applicants to the Bomana Police Training College outside Port Moresby.
Staff from the college visited the school last week to speak to students who are interested in a career in the police force.
According to the Chief Supt Perou N’Dranou, the training commander, college staff will be visiting more secondary schools to speak to students.
He said the purpose of these visits was to remove the misunderstanding among many students that joining the force was just another job opportunity.
“It is a career. Many police officers have degrees and diplomas in other professions apart from being regular police officers,” N’Dranou said.
The RPNGC has a vast number of workers from different professions  but served as police officers and this was something students needed to understand, N’Dranou said.
“There are sponsorship opportunities offered by the RPNGC to officers for further studies.”

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