Police prosecutors told to work together


Proper attention must be given to cases involving high-powered firearms, says a magistrate.
Boroko District Court magistrate Alex Kalandi warned police prosecutors that they should work together to ensure that justice was not delayed.
“Communicate among yourselves and you all should be aware of the progress of cases involving high-powered firearms,” Kalandi said.
He made the comments after mentioning the case of Harry Nambo and Peter Arua, both charged separately of having high-powered firearms in their possession.
The court heard that both men had not appeared in court at least twice.
For Arua’s case, the court extended the warrant of arrest and the matter is to return to court for review on Thursday.
The court also heard that Nambo was in custody at Bomana prison for allegedly being involved in a traffic matter.
Kalandi ordered police prosecutors to confirm if Nambo was still in Bomana and to communicate with the arresting officer in the production of the police brief.
He also ordered prosecutors to present the firearm as a court exhibit when the matter returned to court.
“If these are not done, it will be reported to the  superior prosecutors,” Kalandi said.

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