Police question man for killing wife


POLICE in West New Britain are questioning a man who allegedly stabbed his wife to death after accusing her of having an affair with a man from the village.
Provincial police commander Superintendent Jim Namora said the woman was from Kilu village in the Talasea district.
He said the husband had accused her of having an affair with a man from the same village.
He allegedly stabbed her after an argument in their family home last week.
According to police reports, the woman tried to walk out of the house with the knife in her chest, before collapsing on the ground.
Police went to the village after the husband surrendered himself to police in Kimbe.
In another case, a female officer at New Britain Palm Oil was allegedly sexually harassed in her apartment at the Mosa compound.
Namora said the woman was awakened by a man who had been groping her private part.
She “thought it was a dream” but woke up to see the man harassing her.
The man is now in custody after being charged.
He is expected to appear at the Kimbe district court this week.
Namora urged the pupblic, especially men to have respect for women and see them as someone equal to themselves.
“Harrassing women and even killing women show that we, men, have no respect for our women who have the same rights as all of us.”

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