Police refuses to arrest returning officer


POLICE in Madang say they will only arrest people suspected of committing an offence and not just anyone.
Madang provincial police commander Superintendent Jacob Singura was responding to a complaint lodged at the police station by a lawyer representing one of the candidates calling for the arrest of the returning officer for Sumkar open over claims he had not counted some ballot boxers before announcing Chris Yer Nangoi the winner.
The complaint against returning officer Albert Ului was lodged by lawyer Ypung Wadau on behalf of sitting candidate Ken Fairweather.
Singura said arrests would only be carried out when serious criminal offences were committed.
“We don’t want to cause inconvenience here and this is an election matter. I can’t entertain election matters,” Singura said.
“If people have issues they should take it to court.”
Wadau wrote a letter to Ului to stop the declaration and count a ballot box containing 887 votes before making the declaration.
Election manager Peter Yasaro said Ului was pressured to do what he did.
Ului said he was ready to defend his decision in court.

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