Police reports increase in homicide


REPORTS of homicide in Kimbe and Bialla in West New Britain has increased dramatically last month, police commander Superintendent Jim Namora says.
He said there should be a police “commissioned officer” in Bialla to take charge of police operations but the problem is the lack of accommodation.
“The large number of homicide cases reported in a period of three weeks has put a lot of stress on homicide detectives,” Namora said.
“Police think the consumption of homebrew is a major contributor to the increase in number of homicide cases.”
He said on Sept 9, Leonard Daniel, 18, of Kompiam district in Enga was murdered at the Soi oil palm block in Bialla district.
It is alleged that an argument had developed over money to buy alcohol.
On Sept 17, Pura Henry from Eastern Highlands was allegedly murdered at Section 10, believed to have been “fueled by homebrew.
Namora said this resulted in the death of Ricky Maia from Kandrian district.
On Sept 19, at Soi Oil Palm block, Charles Kundi, 45, of Bukitu village in West Yangoru, East Sepik was allegedly murdered by his sibling.
On Sept 21, at Sege village in the Central Nakanai of Bialla, Silanga Sokoe, 45, and father of five was allegedly murdered.
On Sept 27, at Narumatala village in the Talasea district, Benjamin Raka from Bamba village was gunned down and slashed allegedly by his relatives.

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