Police seek help to stop buai smuggling


PUBLIC motor vehicles (PMV) are taking unauthorised routes to help smuggle betel nuts into Port Moresby, police say.
Central acting commander Andrew Tovere said that two weeks ago, they managed to arrest 10 motorists on the Hiritano Highway at Dowa.
“Most of them are PMVs that took unauthorised routes,” Tovere told The National last Friday.
He said some of the vehicles were unlicensed.
He said police could not do everything in their power but would need assistance from the communities and most of them would be common sense.
“People need to change the attitude of ignoring the law and develop some respect,” Tovere said.
He said that many fatal accidents that occurred along the main highways of Central resulted from betel nut smuggling.
“The buai ban by laws is only enforceable within NCD and it does not have wider implication outside.”
Tovere said even though the law did not apply to Central, they were feeling the impact of it.
“NCDC should work with us in order to address the issues on the highways.”
Meanwhile, Tovere said other issues affecting Central included marijuana-smuggling, cultivation, abuse and homebrew.

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