Police seize marijuana


SEVEN kilogrammes of marijuana, compacted into cubes and sealed, was seized from a person yesterday in Kikori, Gulf acting police commander Michael Pakeyei says.
The suspect was detained at Moro in Gobe, Southern Highlands, and expected to be transferred to Mendi to be charged.
“Since the drug has been shaped and sized, we are suspecting that they have equipment and machines that are creating these designs to improve their final product,” Pakeyei said.
“The transit point for all illegal marijuana and gun trade is in the Kikori district, it is a hotspot for trading every day and those people who are trading are heavily armed with weapons.
“We lack the police manpower and logistics to apprehend them.
“We have only five policemen operating in the area, three of them are regular veteran policemen based in Kikori while joined the force recently.
“We have enough accommodation to cater for police personnel but due to the lack of logistics, outboard motor and other services they do not want to operate here.
“We have only one police outboard motor and that is not enough.
“Illegal drugs and guns come from the Samberigi area, Kagua-Erave district in Southern Highlands province.
“From there they are taken along the back road Gulf-Southern Highlands Highway, crossing the Kaiam area in Gulf and then people responsible wait for the right time to make their way outwards to trade.”

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