Police station not performing


IT IS time the Gordon Police take full responsibility for not doing enough to reduce crime at the Gordons market instead of passing the buck to the National Capital District Commission.
Many lives have been lost and enough people have been injured while more men, women and children are becoming scared to move around freely at this notorious crime spot.
NCD police commanders Benjamin Turi and Sylvester Kalaut must take tough action against the Gordon Police station commander who failed to provide protection for innocent people at the market, which is just meters away from where his office and personnel are located.
It is unbelievable for the law and order situation at this area to be unmanageable when it is just 30 or 40 meters away from a police station.
The station commander just doesn’t know how to perform his role effectively and proactively.
Someone with a good strategic planning skills and knowledge needs to be assigned at this particular police station to provide leadership and motivation for officers to contain and manage the continuous law and order situation instead of reacting only whenever someone gets killed or injured.
Officers attach to this police station must also stop patrolling beyond their boundaries to the 7, 8 and 9 Miles, areas and even as far as Gerehu, Waigani, Boroko, Korobosea, Sabama and the downtown city area.
There must be regular police foot patrols around the Gordon’s market area to provide security for people.
Please have the Gordon’s Police station commander removed immediately and replace him with someone who can do a good job to restore public safety and confidence.
We deserve better police protection.

Wild West Batowin
Port Moresby

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