Police in Tabubil warned


Western police commander Joe Puri says police in Tabubil have already been ordered to refrain from selling betel nut at their quarters.
Puri said this after a mother in Tabubil claimed she was arrested for selling betel nut beside a sewerage plant.
Janet Huasi said police had arrested her for selling betel nut at her home.
She said some police officers did sell betel nut in their houses and the single male barracks next to the police station was known for that.
“It’s not fair when police officers arrest and detain us in the cell and they sell betel nut right in front of the police. The single barracks is becoming a betel nut market,” Huasi said.
Puri said: “ I am aware and directed my police station commander in Tabubil to stop weeks ago.”
Tabubil is one of the cleanest mining towns as compared to other mining towns. This is because of a betel ban inside the town.
It is against the mining company’s law to sell betel nut within the town area.

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