Police told public wants a better deal

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POLICE are generally among the better-paid civil servants and the public therefore demands better service from them, says Chief Superintendent Perou N’dranou.
Speaking during a handover parade at the Bomana Police Training College in Port Moresby yesterday, N’dranou urged police officers to perform their duties with pride.
“High discipline and good teamwork starts from simple things like parades,” he told them.
“If you can put up a smart parade then you are on your way to achieving bigger challenges that lies ahead in your career.
“This parade is not about me as the outgoing training commandant or the incoming training commandant.
“It is more than that. It is the system or the best administrative protocols and practices that transfer our efforts into any public office such as the office of the training commandment – must be made transparently.
“This parade ensures it achieves that good practices and the best administrative protocols expected.
“As the Royal PNG Constabulary’s major training environment, we have a duty to practise the appropriate culture and the systems required for other members of the constabulary to follow.
“Many of our colleagues in the operational front look up to the Police Training College for inspiration and guidance in best practices.”
Superintendent Peter Philip officially took office yesterday as the training commandant at Bomana.

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