Police trying to save five


POLICE in Southern Highlands are trying to save five men held captive by a group of villagers who had accused them of killing a man through sorcery.
Southern Highlands police commander Chief Superintendent Siborn Papoto told The National that police officers were trying to arrest the men and release the five in Kagua.
He said one of the five, Roka Pola from Kala village, had been held for about two weeks.
Villagers rounded up the other four who were subjected to a public interrogation from around noon to 3pm yesterday.
Police believe that they are being tortured.
Papoto said Pola was interrogated by the group following the death of Charles Luta Miru, a former MP and peace advocator from the Rogoma tribe. Police believe that a committee was set up and hired glassmen to identify who caused his death.
Pola was the first to be questioned.
“They were questioned at the request of the relatives in a public place,” Papoto said.
He said it was an illegal practice.
“The relatives are fully armed and are preventing police from Kagua to enter the area,” he said.
Papoto said police were concerned about the safety of the five and were doing all they could to enter the “no-go” zone.
“I am appealing to the committee conducting the interrogation and hiring the glassmen to stop as police will get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.
Papoto said police would be deployed to the area today and those involved in the illegal act would be arrested.

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