Police turn to Facebook to fight crime


POLICE in Lae have taken a positive step by creating a Facebook page to help people in the city fight crime.
Lae Metropolitan Command Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr said the page was created after consultation with local senior officers and members of the Australian Federal Police in Lae.
The Facebook page says it enables better communication between police and the public where information like security tips, details of wanted and missing persons and general awareness can be posted.
The page allows direct interaction between the public and police to deal with issues that needed police attention.
Wagambie said police needed tips from the public and their Facebook page should enable them to participate in addressing law-and-order issues in the city.
“The public is encouraged to send urgent police request if they needed assistance,” he said.
“The conduct of police can also be reported there.
“This is not a political or news page and the issues posted will be screened to ensure it does not interfere with court processes.”
The Facebook page is called RPNGC Lae Metropolitan Command.
By yesterday, it had attracted more than 600 likes.

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