Police turn to social media


LAE police plan to use social media such as Facebook more to relay messages to the people and keep in touch with them.
Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr, pictured, said police station and unit commanders had been directed to have more foot patrols in residential areas and settlements, apart from the patrols at shopping centres and bus stops.
He also advised the commanders to post the police toll free numbers on social media.
“Advertise our toll free emergency telephone number so that more people in the community have access to police,” he said.
Wagambie Jr plans to strengthen the sector response unit which has been a success since its launching.
“This unit has made a very big difference since its inception in the Lae metropolitan command. Response time and attendance to incidents have been fast and effective. With more support, I envisage this getting better.”
Police will also work with the people to eradicate homebrew and illegal drugs.
They will also clamp down un-roadworthy vehicles and street vending.
“We will be reviewing our partnership with Lae City Council to ensure that street vending and pick pocketing at shopping centres and bus stops are addressed so that we make these areas safe for the public.”
They will also engage with the communities in the neighbourhood watch programme to be rolled out by Lae community policing unit.

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