Police urge Highlands Highway motorists to follow rules


POLICE in Eastern Highlands have warned motorists travelling on the Highlands Highway to follow road rules which police are clamping down on.
John Wai said police operations had already started and motorists must abide by the rules and traffic signs. “All we are concerned about is public safety and for motorist and passengers to travel safely,” he said.
He said the police operation was to check on any weapons, drugs and drunk drivers.
He said driver Joseph Kewa was charged with speeding despite the sign near Waterbung station.
Kewa told The National that he was wrong to overlook the traffic cone.
“But my concern is, if we drivers are wrong, policeman have to approach us in a proper manner,” he said.
Kewa said this also created fear among passengers.
He had 15 women and four children plus 14 men in the vehicle.
The receipt for bail would be picked up later at the Goroko police headquarters when Kewa returns after completing his trip to Madang.
He also appealed to police to treat PMV drivers and crew with respect and not assault them.

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