Police want proper fire service in Manus


By Rebecca Kuku
MANUS police have called on the Government to provide a proper fire service to the province following the death of 10 people in a fire on Friday.
Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said a fire department must be established on Manus to cater for such emergency.
The 10 believed to be of Chinese origin were inside a supermarket in Lorengau when the fire started in the early hours of Friday.
Yapu said the fire spread quickly trapping the 10 people inside.
Police who were at the scene could not do anything to help the 10 or control the blaze.
He said the province did not have a fire service, fire truck or firemen.
“This is an outstanding issue that appropriate government agencies must address,” Yapu said.
“We need a fire service in our province. We have to protect our families and our homes from fires too.
“The PNG Fire Service must be expanded to all the provinces. There must be fire stations, fire trucks and firemen in all provinces.”

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