Police warn against compensation demands


POLICE in Southern Highlands have warned the relatives of road accident victims to stop demanding hefty compensation amounts and disrupting the investigations by traffic officers.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Sibron Papoto told The National that it was becoming a habit which must stop.
“When road accidents happen, police do their best to make arrests, investigate and maintain peace,” he said.
However, he said relatives of accident victims immediately demand huge compensation amounts thus disrupting police investigations.
“Relatives of victims are not allowing the police to finish their work. I condemn their actions,” Papoto said.
He said Mendi was not the sole property of the people of Southern Highlands because expatriates and people from other provinces worked and lived there too.
Papoto said it was now common that every time an incident happened, relatives came to Mendi with bodies rubbed in clay and black charcoal, disrupting traffic, businesses and government services.
He said compensation demands should be done through proper mediation processes and not by displaying weapons in public and chanting to create fear and anxiety.
“Peace and good order committees and other leaders must discourage such activity from being conducted in the heart of the town,” Papoto said.
“The town area is on State land and belongs to the Government. The people have no right to bring their tribal matters into town. Every tribe in the province have their own ples singsing (gathering place) and such activities must be conducted there.”

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