Police warn students against partying after examinations


POLICE in Western Highlands have warned students sitting for the national examinations not to go partying after they have finished because they may end up in trouble.
Grade 10 students started their examinations yesterday, followed by grade 12 next week and grade 8 after that.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari said in the past, students attended post-exam parties and social gatherings, and usually ended in trouble.
He said some students lost their lives, others were seriously injured, and others ended up in prison.
Lakari warned students planning to celebrate after their last paper to stay away from alcohol.
He said some students were still serving their terms from last year at Baisu Jail.“I do not want the same to be repeated this year. I am appealing to the students planning to drink alcohol to drop it,” he said.
Lakari urged the students to go straight home and help their parents in their daily activities after the exams.
“If you help your parents, you will have money to pay for your school fees next year. If you don’t, where will you get your school fees?” Lakari said.

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