Police warn youths from claiming money from work on roads


POLICE in Western Highlands have issued a stern warning to youths who are claiming money along roadsides after patching up potholes.
Provincial police commander Chief Supt Martin Lakari issued the warning after two youths were arrested at Tega village along the Highlands Highway at Dobel in Mt Hagen last Thursday.
Lakari said the two were charged under the road improvement infrastructure Act because they had no right to claim money on public roads.
He said of the two, one was released while the other was refused bail, will appear in court.
“This practice has been going on for a very long time and young people, especially boys, need to change.
“Recently, this has been going on between the St Paul Church and Ela Barracks within the city and police chased them away,” he said.
Lakari said that the youths had no power under the law to claim money on public roads.
He said if there were potholes, then they should know that this was a government road where they were not supposed to patch potholes and collect money.
Lakari said that it was becoming a culture.
Lakari said leaders who were seeing youths doing such things should stop them and make sure they changed their habits.
“The one who is arrested is now locked behind bars and will face the court to see if he is guilty or not and he has to answer to the court,” Lakari said.

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