Political infighting an obstacle to PA appointments


Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore says political infighting among MPs and governors is hindering the appointment of provincial administrators.
He is calling on open MPs to cooperate with  governors to select a neutral provincial administrator on merit rather than on political grounds.
“So many MPs are asking me when they will have their district chief executive officers appointed. So I told them that the CEO is the responsibility of the provincial administrator. I’m asking the MPs to work with the provincial executive council, with the governors. MPs and even the ministers must work along with the governors of those particular provinces.
They must communicate in regards to the appointment of their provincial administrator. If we can minimise the political influence in the appointment of their provincial administrator, then we can even do the appointment within three months.”
Kapavore said the provincial administrator for East New Britain would soon be announced.
“Next to be appointed will be the East Sepik provincial administrator,” he said.
The East Sepik provincial executive council has already done their resolution for their preferred administrator. After East Sepik, the appointment will be made for the provincial administrator for Enga, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu and Western province.
“I gave them assurance that we can fast-track all these process if we can communicate and cooperate to reduce the political interference and allow all the process to be done according to law and according to the established procedures,” Kapavore said.

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