Politicians must be conscious of our needs


MOST people in our electorates and provinces still fail to understand the critical responsibilities
of politicians.
Many of them think politics revolve around DSIP, PSIP and Donor Funding. Even the most fundamental duty of a member of parliament is misconstrued.
This misunderstandings have affected their political reasoning and subsequent judgment during elections.
In fact, the DSIP and PSIP have reduced most MPs to contractors, project managers and coordinators.
The politician’s role and responsibility as required by the constitution appear to employed by only a handful of politicians.
As a result there is no constructive discussion and debate concerning many outstanding national issues in Parliament.
A glaring example is foreigners competing with locals in small to medium size businesses like trade stores and fast food outlets. It is happening throughout the country but none of our MPs are raising this issue in Parliament or if they did, there is no evidence of any constructive legislative amendments and subsequent enforcement t.
Foreign businesses must be restricted to only major business ventures that locals cannot operate.
We elected members of parliament to undertake national leadership responsibilities that focus on the following:
* Ensuring that policy and legislative work governing our land, sea, airspace, resources, people, plants and animals are protected, used responsibly and preserved.
* Ensuring that our resources are managed responsibly and distributed fairly for the benefit and well-being of all people, both citizens and non-citizens living in the country.
– Ensuring that Government services for all sectors are prudently managed, administered and safely delivered to liberate and help people to be self reliant and become economically responsible.
These issues require our MPs to be politically conscious that they have a far higher and bigger responsibility to the State apart from attending to their little electorate.
Only when the Parliament gets the fundamental national issues right, Government services will be received equally in all parts of the country.
Unlike now, few people in government are deciding resource distribution for selective preferred areas while leaving most parts of the country to depend on DSIP and PSIP which is directly controlled by the MPs and their cronies.
PNG is a small country and demands constructive political wisdom to transform into a competitive sovereign state.

Samson Wena
Kerowagi, Chimbu

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