Polye defends uni student leaders


THE University of Papua New Guinea administration should not be harsh on student leaders by preventing them from continuing their education, Opposition Leader Don Polye says.
Polye said student leaders who stood up for a just cause should not be treated as criminals.
“The students who stood up for the interest of the people of this nation, stood up for a just cause, in my view stood up for something that is right,” he said.
“They were talking about a government that should have come down and listened to them.
“They wanted to do a peaceful demonstration to Parliament when it was in session.”
Polye said peaceful demonstrations in parliament were the norm in many countries.
“That is exactly what the students were doing,” he said.
“The students did not err in any way but what happened was that police intervened, blocked the students and shot at them.
“And now, the university council, under the influence of a few leaders in government, has decided to make a decision that some of the student leaders are criminals.
“That is not right, it is morally wrong, it is not fair.
“It is also wrong within the ambit of the law, because the university is supposed to be protecting the interests of the students – they have a duty.”

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