Polye optimistic about winning back Kandep seat


OPPOSITION Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye believes he has the support of the majority of people in Kandep and that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s recent visit will not change that.
“They can do anything to make me lose my seat but their efforts and resources will be to no avail,” he said.
“They have tried many times, but I always triumph over their evil plans.
“I believe in true might which can never be defeated by desperados and they are God’s power and will and the people’s power.”
Polye said O’Neill had denied the people of services worth more than K80 million.
“The Kandep district service improvement programme grants have been slashed by 70 to 80 per cent since 2013,” Polye claimed.
“Will the majority of the people believe in someone with many tongues who has denied the people of necessary funds to suit his political convenience?
Polye said his people were loyal, smart and intelligent in politics.
He said he was confident of winning by primary votes again by more than 30,000 votes in this election.
Polye was in Hela, especially Kopiago, on Thursday and Tari town on Friday to campaign for THE Party-endorsed candidates.

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