Polye wrong to criticise UPNG decision


THE comments made by the Opposition Leader Don Polye regarding the suspension/termination of student leaders at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is very childish and shows the lack of insightful leadership skills posed by such a national leader.
It is was on record that the opposition leader was among those who tried to overthrow the O’Neill Government because one among many of their baseless arguments was that the government was not following the rule of law.
All institutions and organisations such as UPNG have by-laws that regulate their proper functioning.
To demand that those rules and regulations are abandoned or bent so that a few people may benefit means tempering with the fundamental intricacies of administrative functioning of that organisation or institution.
The end result would be a failed institution or organisation.
If on one end, the opposition leader deems it fit and proper to accuse Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of failing to follow the rule of law and on the other the same leader calls for the premier state university to deviate from abiding by its rules and regulations regarding the standard of upkeep (in terms of academic, ethical, behavioural and extra-curricular activities) without infringing on the country’s laws begs the question of the capacity of the opposition leader to form an alternate government.

Martin Lora
Boroko, NCD

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