Poor hygiene linked to lack of proper housing plan


PROPER water and sanitation is lacking at the Banana Block settlement on Cassowary Road along the Bumbu River in Lae, says health adviser Micah Yawing.
Yawing said the issue at the settlement was the result of poor hygiene because there was no proper sanitation and housing plan.
“There is no dysentery outbreak as reported but normal cases of diarrhea and dysentery due to on water supply and proper toilets,” Yawing said.
Disease control unit’s Dr Benny Edwin and his team conducted assessments to verify the situation last week.
He said the health workers from the Seventh Street Clinic had diagnosed and treated people and conducted awareness on health and hygiene.
Yawing said they were yet to receive health reports from drought-affected wards in Upper Waria, Garaina and Biaru in Wau Rural.
He said Bulolo health should move in swiftly to assess the situation before the provincial health disease control unit could be deployed for assessment.
“Natural disasters means human livelihoods are affected one way or the other.
Thus, district health managers shouldn’t be relying on hearsay information but go to affected areas to see the situation,” Yawing said.
He said Upper Waria was without roads and airstrips making it hard for health services to reach the people.
Bulolo district administrator Tae Gwambelek said Ohe Primary School in Garasa (Lower Waria) also faced a similar situation with pupils complaining about the lack of food and water.

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