Poor road hinders service delivery: Samb


Poor or no roads have been a major contributing factor to the lack of development and delivery of basic services to the people of Goilala district, MP William Samb says.
Samb told The National last Friday that his administration had been doing its best to provide developments into the district.
“One of the key factors that contribute to development is the road condition,” Samb said.
“Our priority is infrastructure. We need to get the infrastructure in place so every system can function.
“We have been working on the road, communication system and the rehabilitation of the airstrip.
“Once we get these infrastructures functioning, then other sectors will come in.
“Tapini station is functional basically with the Catholic agency, but we really need to ensure that the system of the government stay with the people.”
Goilala district was made up of three local level governments – Tapini, Woitape and Guari.
National and Supreme Court judge Justice Panuel Mogish visited Tapini last Friday and spent the weekend there.
Justice Mogish was in Tapini to open national and Supreme court sessions in Tapini as part of his Central court circuit.
He said he would work in partnership with the people and the district administration to transform Goilala into a role model district in the country in terms of law and order developments.
Village chief James Komae said people had been suffering for the last 20 years because of lack of government services.

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