Possibility of above normal rainfall real: Officer


THE likelihood of the La Nina weather pattern happening from October to December is real, according to the National Weather Service (NSW).
The NWS assistant director Kasis Inape said it would result in above normal rainfall across the country resulting in landslides and flooding.
He said El Niño and La Nina were the most significant annual climate variability events which affected the Pacific region including PNG.
“In simple terms, these events describe the east-west movement of the warmest water in the tropical Pacific Ocean and the accompanying shift in rainfall patterns,” he said.
“During the La Niña phenomena, the warmest waters are located closer to Australia and PNG, thereby bring increased rainfall occurrences towards our region.”
He said the current forecast was leaning towards a La Niña event towards the end of the year.
Inape said La Niña events tended to, but not always, bring above normal rainfall across the country. In worst case scenarios, it causes floods and landslides especially in the Highlands.

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