Posters delayed


NINETEEN of the 45 political parties registered to contest the general election are yet to submit the full list of their candidates.
It has again forced the Electoral Commission to defer the printing of the posters of candidates which it had planned to do early this week.
As of 4pm yesterday, Deputy Registrar of Political Parties John Bishop said 19 political parties were yet to submit their lists.
The registry has asked the commission to set a deadline for 4pm tomorrow (Friday), for the 19 parties to comply.
The parties include the Social Democratic Party led by National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, the Melanesian Liberal Party led by Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat, and the People’s Movement for Change Party led by Northern Governor Gary Juffa.
OTHERS are the People’s Labour Party, People’s Freedom Party, People’s First, Republican Party, Mapai Levites, National Conservative, Our Development Party, People’s United Assembly, PNG Destiny, Grassroots United Front, Wantok in Godly Services, Paradise Kingdom, Model Nation, PNG Youths, Nation’s Interest and the PNG Socialist Party
The commission had planned to start printing the posters early this week to give it enough time to distribute them to the 111 electorates.
The posters will be displayed at the 111 electorates showing the candidates’ photos, names and numbers for the information of voters.
Early this week, the commission had singled out the Pangu Pati as the one which had not submitted its full list of candidates. It followed differences over the list of candidates drawn by party leader Sam Basil and the party executives.
But party general secretary Morris Tovebae submitted the final list of its 72 candidates on Monday.
The commission has already warned that it would not be held to ransom by tardy parties.
“Political parties that fail to submit their final list of candidates in the given time will have their candidates marked as independents on the candidate posters,” commission spokesman Alphonse Muapi told The National.

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