Postponed Member’s Cup into playoffs


THE postponed preliminary final of the third annual Goroka Member’s Cup rugby league challenge is on tomorrow.
Goroka Member’s Cup Challenge chairman Maxie Roida said the finals were put off intially because of disputed standings but they had addressed the issue and the finals would be played this weekend.
Roida, pictured, said clubs that were affected are set to play this weekend to decide finalists for the grand final on Sunday.
Teams qualified to play in the preliminary finals at the Sir Danny Leahy rugby league grounds were: Gahuku Nokotis v Crust Valley Gahukuves; Ward Three Gunns v Gehamo Lovisas;  Down Town Souths v UW5 Knights.
The Eastern Eels beat the Urban Three West in an earlier preliminary final and are now on standby for the major semifinal.
Roida said the women’s challenge had advanced to their final – Mix Mates Knights take on Moroha Alukises.
The Knights edged Eastern South Mohos 1-0 and Alukises beat Gahuku Mohos 4-2 to qualify for grand final.
“All the preliminary and major semifinals will be played on Saturday and grand finals on Sunday, where major sponsor and Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa will be present to officially present prizes to the winners,” Roida said.
He said the highlight of the grand final day would be the ‘Golden Oldies’ match to be played between the country and city.
Some of former Goroka rugby league greats such as Fatty Buka, Mathew Inapero, Ellyson Ketauwo, Ivan Mosoka, Jeffery Aize, Lawrence Tatsim, Lawrence Goive, Atu Isoi, John Kelly and Oscar Zuguto are expected to play.
“The main focus of the tournament was to gather youths from all corners of Goroka district to enjoy football and refrain from illegal and negative activities.”

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