Potape wants leaders in Hela to unite


NEWLY-elected Hela Governor Francis Potape says his priority is to get leaders in the province to work together to serve the people.
“The first and foremost priority is unity, reconciliation and peace among leaders,” he said.
“We had an assembly meeting last week for three days. We have all the presidents turned up including all the failed LLG presidents.”
He said everyone wanted peace and unity among the leaders.
Absent from the assembly meeting last week were Tari-Pori MP James Marapoe and Koroba-Lake Kopiago MP Philip Kundialu.
“Due to other commitments, the MPs are unable to attend. Otherwise all the presidents are working together with me and the public service machinery is clicking,” he said.
Potape said the only impediment now was the court case filed by Undialu.
The seat was declared vacant following the death of Anderson Agiru.

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