Poultry products seized


THE National Capital District Commission discovered a container full of “illegal” poultry products at a shop in Port Moresby after it was tipped off that they were being sold to the public.
Deputy city manager (community and social services) Lulu Ted said they confronted the owner of the shop at Gordon on Friday.
“What we are doing now is to make sure that we destroy these items because they are not labelled,” Ted said.
“They don’t conform to or comply with our health and sanitation laws. And it’s very dangerous (to be consumed).
“We are suspecting that there could be many and it’s all over the city. We will crack down on them and start destroying them.
“These products without being labelled makes them illegal. Also it doesn’t have any sort of authorised documents or proof that they have met some standards.”
Ted said they did not know where the products were sources from or came from.
“There could be a syndicate that is operating out there. There could be a supplier that we are not aware of,” he said.
“This is something we want to discourage and we do not want to see happen again.”
He said the shop owner would be penalised.
“We will take appropriate measures to deal with the shop owner. For now we have discouraged the shop owner from selling any such products in future,” Ted said.
The owner is expected to be fined or worse, have the shop closed.
“The potential to shut this business is something that we can also consider doing,” Ted said.

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