Power cuts, crime hindrance to businesses


POWER supply cuts and law and order issues were impediments to business investments in Madang, Australia-PNG Business Council president Phil Franklin says.
Franklin, who attended the three-day Madang investment summit last week, said power supply and law and order issues in Madang must be addressed if the province was looking seriously at attracting foreign investments.
He said the province provided the hub for investments with the gold and copper prospects on the Adelbert Range between Madang, Sumkar and Bogia.
Director of the Amele Development Foundation and geologist, Dr Salam Malagun, said the gold and copper deposits were found in the Ohu ridges and parts of Baiteta, Halopa and the Tangu, areas in the backyard of Madang district.
“Madang has a lot of mineral prospects and Australia has a lot of experiences in mining, which is a big opportunity,” Franklin said.
He said the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone project was also a good idea but needed a better power supply system.
“PMIZ will create a lot of employment like industrial centres in other countries,” Franklin said.
He welcomed the Government’s initiative of introducing the Small Medium Enterprise policy.

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