Power project benefits villagers


VILLAGES around Wabag town in Enga are lighting up under the Wabag District Development Authority’s rural electrification programme.
Many schools, health centers, churches, trade stores and permanent houses are connected with electricity and there is an improvement in the quality of life.
The electrification project covered a total of 20km were at the cost K1.5 million and thousands of people living just outside the town boundary who have never had electricity are now enjoying the service.
Councilor Mapya Yange Lakemanda village in Wabag LLG told The National last Friday that since electricity supply was connected to his village in 2013, he saw many educated elites building permanent houses.
“I have been a ward councillor for 40 years now but saw many developments taking place only in the last four years.”
Yange said that many locals working in the province and outside were now returning home to build permanent houses and connecting them to the power supply.
“I also see that business activities are picking up. Trade stores are connected with electricity and frozen goods are sold.”
He also reported that people were watching movies and television programmes in mini roadside theatres.
“Schools use computers, printing and photocopying machines, health centers use freezers to store their vaccines, and many other changes are taking.”

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