Power project to create 3000 jobs


A BIOMASS power project in Morobe will provide nearly 3000 jobs for locals, according to an official.
Department of Treasury first secretary policy and strategic management Donald Hehona said this during the forum on green infrastructure and poverty reduction in Pacific island countries.
The forum discussed the use of green energy which can reduce the cost of doing business in countries.
“In terms of social growth, the project will provide up to 3000 full-time jobs,” he said.
Hehona said the project was an economic infrastructure development that fit the government policies promoting social and economic growth.
“The biomass project strongly complies with the government (policies) as it is an environmentally-friendly source of energy,” he said.
Hehona said the project would meet key state policy objectives such as the Paris agreement on nationally determined contributions and renewable energy target, national climate change compatible development management policy and the medium term development plan.
“The project will provide strong support and compliance with government policy for creating rural employment that increases prosperity, and improve the agriculture sector,” he said.
He said the main challenges for infrastructure development and economic growth included the rough terrain which affected market access, scattered population, competitive environment which raised the cost of doing businesses, social issues such as land tenure, and natural disasters like climate change.

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