Power for remote Morobe district


MORE than 3000 people in a remote part of Morobe will now have access to electricity.
The Yalumet community in Deyamos LLG in Kabwum can enjoy electricity after a mini-hydro power plant was launched in their area last Sunday.
The power plant was jointly opened by Morobe Governor Kelly Naru and former Deyamos LLG president Patrick Basa.
A large crowd from all corners of the district turned up to witness the occasion.
The 15 KVA hydro plant was constructed at a cost of K750,000.
The Deyamos LLG contributed K250,000 and the Morobe government chipped in K500,000 to co-fund the project.
It was constructed by Kwaidama Project Consultancy Service (KPCS), a local engineering company and took a year to complete.
Bob Kamila, the project engineer, said the critical mechanical parts of the plant were purchased from Shanghai in China.
“This project is the first we have actually constructed,” Kamila said.
“We have been involved in providing mechanical services on existing hydro power plants but this is our first time to design and construct one.”
Naru, who was impressed with the plant, said the project would transform the lives of people living in this remote community.
“I am at peace to see this project because this remote area can now use electricity,” Naru said.
“This is an impact project that will change the lives of the people in Yalumet.
“I look forward for similar projects such as this in other remote parts of Morobe.”
The power from the plant will supply the Deyamos LLG station, Yalumet Health Centre, Yalumet Primary School and four wards of Deyamos LLG.

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