PPL converts credit meters to easipay meters


PNG Power Ltd (PPL) is now converting credit meters in Manus to easipay meters to make electricity more accessible.
It gave Manus customers full purchasing power and puts an end to credit meter billing issues many customers have faced for decades.
The easipay conversion project in Manus began on Sept 19 and PPL will ensure all customers are converted to easipay.
Last month, 90 credit meters were converted and now have easipay meters installed in their homes.
Manus has nearly 1295 customers and PPL is looking at installing easipay meters for all.
Many customers have been flocking to the office to settle their arrears for easipay and PPL Lorengau has recovered more than K500,000 in Sept alone.
PPL Lorengau manager Brian Masange said a 48-hour notice was issued to customers and he was happy to see them going to the bank and office to settle their bills.
“Easipay is a win-win situation for both PPL and customers so let’s work together and have easipay rollout a success,” Masange said.
PPL Lorengau has been on manual billing for many years and customer data updates with the PPL national office in Port Moresby was not done in real time.
One of the new customers Noel Bul said easipay would help him budget for electricity because he would know how much to pay.
He said with credit meter, he didn’t know how much he would pay at the end of the month.
“Sometimes I had to pay more and this affected my family’s budget. I am happy to get easipay so I can be able to budget my salary on spending and have total control over my electricity consumption,” he said.
Customers in Manus can pay for easipay credits at the PPL Lorengau office as well as via Digicel and bmobile-Vodafone networks.
They will also be able to pay at the Papindo Supermarket in a Lorengau when a vending machine is installed next month which will make the purchasing and using of electricty easier.

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