Praise for programme


A NURSE who graduated from the Kudjip Nazarene College of Nursing on Saturday has hailed the college’s spiritual and leadership development programme.
Betty Kondil commended the Big Brother and Sister programme that placed students under the care of lecturers and tutors in their first year for mentoring and pastoral activities.
“I am now not only a nurse but a pastor and a leader as well. This also applies to my other colleagues that graduated,” she said.
“All of us belong to the Big Brother and Sister programme. We came to this college with nothing but we leave after being enriched spiritually, physically and mentally.”
Kondil said that she did not know about other nursing colleges in the country, but for Kudjip, it is worthwhile studying there.
She thanked the tutors and lecturers who have mentored her from first year to third year.
“They have moulded and shaped us to be better people. We have developed in all aspects and can face any challenge in life,” Kondil said.
“The most important thing that we learnt at Kudjip is to become God-fearing people. I was so privileged that I came here.”
She thanked her group mentor Sr Rose Wali and others for encouraging and guiding her to become a better person.
Kondil and 35 of her colleague nurses were told to be agents of change when they went out into the workforce.
“I do not regret having chosen Kudjip. It is a great institution. My three years of being here were worthwhile.”
She urges other students doing Grade 12 to apply to Kudjip  for nursing training.
“You can come here with nothing but Kudjip Nazarene College of Nursing will give you something that you will never want to stay away from.”
She added that the college has some of the most highly qualified lecturers, tutors and pastors who directed students to be good citizens.
Kondil said apart from her nursing duties, she would do pastoral work like praying and teaching patients about the word of God.

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